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The TurboCAD Professional 15.2 is a software program developed with designers of all disciplines in mind to enable them to create 2D drawings by providing them with all the tools they need and to provide them with a 3D authoring and modeling features and tools.

TurboCAD Professional 15.2 features advanced Mechanical Design tools including branch lofting, face-to face lofting and imprint. With lofting guidelines to add 3D splines and polylines users gain more control of their lofting objects. A Design Director is also included for managing cameras, layers, views and lighting. For 2D drawing, tools include Smart, Quick and Baseline for automatic dimension. Dimensions are associative enabling users to edit and make changes to sizes freely since the dimension will change automatically to reflect the changes. A new tool, the Woodworking Layout Tool, allows users to create 2D layouts of 3D models to optimize the cutting and manufacturing of new components.

Copy and editing tools in TurboCAD Professional 15.2 allow quick selection of objects by type, color, and layer. Reusable objects can be dragged and dropped by users into their designs and the Parametric Parts feature can enhance this. Parametric Parts give users the ability to create fully parametric 2D and 3D content and some parts can be used in AutoCAD as well. A new feature in relation to Parametric Parts is it new library pallet for easy management of Parametric Parts and symbols. Another important feature is the Drafting Pallet that can enable user to insert standard views of their models into Paper Space. New features in TurboCAD Professional 15.2 include a library of over 50 eco-friendly objects, over 300 new materials and a new Terrain Tool. There is also a Desktop Customization feature to enable users to add commands to any toolbar, with pop-up toolbars available for them to assign their most used tools to the local menu. Many more new features have been added to this edition of the program including compatibility to even more CAD and graphics programs and formats in addition to the thirty import and export formats the program already supports. A User Guide for TurboCAD Professional 15.2 is available for download at the developer’s website.

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